About Us


Aero Brake & Spares, Inc. was incorporated in April of 1989 in the State of Texas, in order to purchase and distribute aircraft wheel and brake components to the aviation community.

A gradual transition soon began, from purely distribution toward design and production of our own components, with our first forays into the Federal Aviation Administration’s Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process. Our very first PMA from the FAA was received in 1992 for a rivet in the Lockheed 382 (C130 Hercules) brake assembly.

Since that time Aero Brake & Spares, Inc. has secured more than a hundred additional FAA PMAs in an effort to provide high quality replacement parts and support for our customers and partners in the aviation industry. As a smaller, specialized company we can deliver product support to customers in a more timely fashion than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, and without some of the stipulations, contracts and restrictions imposed by such that may prove prohibitive to our customers.

Aero Brake & Spares, Inc. desires to produce a higher quality product for a lower price than is currently available to the market. We strive to provide more efficient customer service, quality assurance, and continued airworthiness on aircraft wheel and brake components.

Mission Statement:

Supply our customers with an affordable product with a high quality standard in time to meet their demands in an ever changing market.